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CBVersion Struct Reference

Structure for CBVersion objects. More...

#include <CBVersion.h>

Data Fields

CBMessage base
int32_t version
CBVersionServices services
int64_t time
uint64_t nounce
int32_t blockHeight

Detailed Description

Structure for CBVersion objects.

See also:

Field Documentation

Socket information for the recieving peer.

The socket information for the source address.

CBObject base structure

int32_t blockHeight

The latest block height for the peer. Should probably be unsigned but the protocol specifies a signed integer.

uint64_t nounce

Nounce used to detect self.

CBVersionServices services

The services which a peer is offering.

int64_t time

The timestamp of this peer. This assumes time(NULL) returns a correct 64 bit timestamp which it should to avoid massive problems in the future.

Used to identify bitcoin software. Should be a string no more than 400 characters in length.

int32_t version

The protocol version. There appears to be no good reason why this is signed.

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