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CBNetworkAddress Struct Reference

Structure for CBNetworkAddress objects. More...

#include <CBNetworkAddress.h>

Data Fields

CBMessage base
uint32_t score
CBVersionServices services
CBIPType type
uint16_t port
int32_t version
bool public

Detailed Description

Structure for CBNetworkAddress objects.

See also:

Field Documentation

CBObject base structure

IP address. Should be 16 bytes for the IPv6 compatible format. IPv4 addresses should use the IPv4 mapped IPv6 addresses.

uint16_t port

Port number

bool public

If true the address is public and should be relayed. If true, upon a lost or failed connection, return to addresses list. This doesn't include failure from "CBNetworkCommunicatorConnect". If false the address is private and should be forgotten when connections are closed.

uint32_t score

Address score.

CBVersionServices services

Services bit field

CBIPType type

The type of the IP

int32_t version

Protocol version of peer. Set to CB_NODE_VERSION_NOT_SET before it is set once a CBVersion message is received.

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