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CBMessage Struct Reference

Structure for CBMessage objects. More...

#include <CBMessage.h>

Data Fields

CBObject base
CBMessageType type
uint8_t * altText
uint8_t checksum [4]
void(* onErrorReceived )(CBError error, char *,...)
CBMessageType expectResponse

Detailed Description

Structure for CBMessage objects.

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Field Documentation

uint8_t* altText

For an alternative message: This is the type text.

CBObject base structure

Raw message data minus the message header. When serialising this should be assigned to a CBByteArray large enough to hold the serialised data.

uint8_t checksum[4]

The message checksum. When sending messages using a CBNetworkCommunicator, this is calculated for you.

CBMessageType expectResponse

Set to zero if no message expected or the type of message expected as a response.

void(* onErrorReceived)(CBError error, char *,...)

Pointer to error callback

CBMessageType type

The type of the message

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