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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
CBAddressStructure for CBAddress objects
CBAddressBroadcastStructure for CBAddressBroadcast objects
CBAddressManagerStructure for CBAddressManager objects
CBAlertStructure for CBAlert objects
CBBigIntContains byte data with the length of this data to represent a large integer. The byte data is in little-endian which stores the smallest byte first
CBBlockStructure for CBBlock objects
CBBlockHeadersStructure for CBBlockHeaders objects
CBBucketStructure for placing IP addresses such that is is difficult to obtain IPs that fall into many buckets
CBByteArrayStructure for CBByteArray objects
CBChainDescriptorStructure for CBChainDescriptor objects
CBGetBlocksStructure for CBGetBlocks objects
CBInventoryBroadcastStructure for CBInventoryBroadcast objects
CBInventoryItemStructure for CBInventoryItem objects
CBMessageStructure for CBMessage objects
CBNetworkAddressStructure for CBNetworkAddress objects
CBNetworkAddressLocatorStructure for storing a pointer to a CBNetworkAddress and describing it's location in the CBAddressManager
CBNetworkCommunicatorStructure for CBNetworkCommunicator objects
CBObjectBase structure for all other structures
CBPeerStructure for CBPeer objects
CBPingPongStructure for CBPingPong objects
CBPrevOutStructure for previous outputs that are being spent by an input
CBScriptStackStructure that holds byte data in a stack
CBScriptStackItemStructure for a stack item
CBSharedDataStores byte data that can be shared amongst many CBByteArrays
CBTransactionStructure for CBTransaction objects
CBTransactionInputStructure for CBTransactionInput objects
CBTransactionOutputStructure for CBTransactionOutput objects
CBVarIntContains decoded variable size integer information
CBVersionStructure for CBVersion objects
CBVersionChecksumBytesStructure for CBVersionChecksumBytes objects